Educational Opportunities & Events

medical-educationOCC Partners hosts free CEU events on an ongoing basis. Please email for details. These CEUs are targeted to management and various levels of clinical staff from assisted living and long-term care facilities.

Recent topics include:
• Survey Readiness: Necessary Preparation Tools
• Preparing for 2014 Regulatory Changes
• Healthy Transitions: Using a Biopsychosocial Model
• Providing Comprehensive In-house Medical Services

Leadership 101

OCC Partners hosts a this series for Management professionals. To inquire, please email

Sample topics:

Leadership Without Easy Answers: Creating Leadership Excellence

health-professionalsConsistently great organizations have great leaders at the helm. In his bestselling book “Good to Great”, Jim Collins states that “good is the enemy of great”. These six words sum up the difference between what it takes to create and lead a great organization and what it takes to follow behind one. In today’s world, “good” has become acceptable, but the only contribution that “good” makes at best is less than excellence, and at worst, to sustain mediocrity. This seminar identifies, reviews and reinforces the key competencies that great leaders possess. The goal is to maximize your ability to impact and successfully lead your organization in today’s competitive landscape. This seminar also provides practical reminders of what great leadership is all about, how you can transform your organization from being good to being great, identifies key leadership competencies, the various levels of leadership today, and what is required to reinvent an organization and become great.

Beyond Positive Thinking: A No-Nonsense Formula For Getting The Results You Want

We’ve all heard about the “power of positive thinking” but are flooded with negative thoughts and images on a daily basis. The key to long term success is understanding the difference between “positive thinking”, “negative thinking” and most important “right thinking”. Begin a journey that can profoundly change your personal and business life. Explore techniques and principles that will allow you to clear the emotional and mental blocks to achieving the highest degree of success. This seminar is about taking our personal and business ideas and dreams and turning them into reality. Attendees will get a no-nonsense methodology that breaks down the negativity in our lives and in our places of work and enable you and your office to go beyond positive thinking to produce the results you desire.

Crucial Confrontations/Crucial Conversations: Understanding Conflict Resolution And The Art Of Negotiation

Never walk away from another touchy, controversial, or complex issue at work or at home! In this seminar, you will discover the key components of how to communicate best when it matters most. Learn how to effectively respond to difficult situations and appropriate techniques for facing almost any situation. Learn how to permanently resolve failed promises and missed deadlines, transform broken rules and bad behaviors into productive accountability and strengthen relationships while solving problems. This seminar will help you transform your office, business and personal relationships.

Organizational Design and Effectiveness

The study of organizational effectiveness has long been left to those in academics. In recent years, however, workplace consultants and strategists have become increasingly interested in designing environments that promote organizational success. Although there are many ways to measure success, a number of factors consistently show up when measuring organizational effectiveness. We will explore several of these factors including:

  • Achieving organizational mission
  • Product/service quality and value
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Capacity for innovation and creativity
  • Adaptation to organizational and technological change
  • Effective information sharing and communication
  • Employee attraction and retention
  • Effective group and individual work
  • Quality of work life
  • Developing partnerships and alliances
  • Operational efficiency
  • Image and branding

For any given organization, measures of effectiveness vary, depending upon its mission, environmental context, nature of work, the product or service it produces, and customer demands. Thus, the first step in evaluating organizational effectiveness is to understand the organization itself — how it functions, how it is structured, and what it emphasizes.

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