Billing Services for Practices

Perfect Solution for Practices that want to do what they do best.


Practice Management Solutions for Practitioners of

  • Behavioral Health, Marriage & Family Counseling, Mental Health
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Private Practices
  • Weight Management Clinics

Ideal solution for a small independent practitioner, to focus on your professional work


  • You want to have your own practice, but it is tough to get the insurance contracts.
  • You love working with your clients/patients, but really hate marketing.
  • You really don’t like working within a large organization, but are overwhelmed by starting your own practice.
  • You want to create something that you can grow, that meets your vision of quality, that serves the best interests of your clients, that will create future value and become an asset you can sell.
  • You don’t want to hire and train staff, you don’t like to supervise staff, don’t know how to handle employment law issues, performance and disciplinary reviews, terminations, and dress codes.
  • You find it isolating to work alone, and want to learn best practices, improve your skills and stay competitive.

Services provided

  • Health Insurance Providers Access at large practice favorable rates
  • Billing, Payment Processing, Denials
  • Credentialing
  • EHR
  • Patient Registration
  • Consents
  • Best Professional Practices
  • Successful Practice Financial Management
  • Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Practice Leadership Development
  • Human Resources Support
  • Recruiting, Background checks, Drug Screens, License and Reference Verification, Employment Contracts
  • Lease and build out negotiations
  • Lease/purchase equipment, supplies at large practice discounts

Recently, On Call Clinicians has helped a chiropractic clinic that wanted to start a physical therapy practice.  Insurance plans were not accepting new contracts. Becoming a part of On Call Clinicians’ practice allowed the clinic to serve their clients’ needs and develop another source of revenue.

Practice Development is essential for your survival. Developing recurring referrals can be a full time job, and one that many providers find challenging. On Call Clinicians can design and manage a marketing plan that works! Keep yourself from worrying about your survival and breathe a sigh of relief that On Call Clinicians has your back–we will bring you the clients!

Office Set up: Where to open an office, what EHR is best, what about credentialing, billing, clearinghouses, obtaining good contract with the insurance companies. Practice management? How to get started? On Call Clinicians has set up multiple offices for practices in dentistry, primary care, physical therapy, mental health and more. We take care of everything, and have the answers to make sure there are no delays. Insurance contracts are already in force, and by partnering with On Call Clinicians, you will be able to receive payment at favorable rates.

Human resource issues are a large piece of the growth plan. If you can’t find enough providers, you can’t grow! We can help! Recruiting needs? With a 28-year history of recruiting providers, we have a large database of professionals who know us and want to hear what we have to offer.

New business owners often struggle with human resource issues: legal issues related to performance reviews, discipline, termination, management related issues. Our human resources professionals have the answers, the resources and can make sure you handle these issues carefully.

Financing issues: On Call Clinicians recently helped a practice find new financing that limited their growth. They had a caseload ready for them in a second location, but could not afford the rent. They didn’t have enough history to show lenders that they could be successful. But with On Call Clinicians’ help, financing options were sourced and approved within a short period of time. Within three months, they were cash flow positive and running!

Payroll Funding: Payroll costs are the largest portion of a new practice costs. On Call Clinicians is the single source for all your payroll needs. No matter the size of your practice, we provide payroll funding and offer more flexible contracts than any bank. When it’s time to streamline your payroll, billing and collections needs for added flexibility and growth, it’s time to talk to On Call Clinicians about our payroll funding that saves you money.

When you receive payroll funding from On Call Clinicians, you’ll also enjoy the full-service benefits of our innovative software and service solutions including payroll processing, tax processing services, and credit and collection services.

On Call Clinicians does not require weekly minimums – you are only charged a consistent, fair percentage rate of your billing. Our contracts are flexible, not termed, so you can cut the strings and fly on your own as soon as you’re ready. We work with you to design reasonable terms to address your unique needs, and we offer the fastest approval process in the industry.

Staffing Flexibility: Not ready for full time staff? On Call Clinicians’ staff can provide part time and interim coverage until you have proven your need to bring on a full time person. Keep your costs down and your profits coming in!