Consulting & Training

Nursing CEUs

  • Continuing Education Units (CEU)s offered for all training.
  • We offer training at your site.
  • We can create training and education based on your community needs.

Assisted Living Nurse Training

Bring in nurses without Assisted Living (AL) experience and quickly have them ready to go! Some nurse training will be on site. Some will be at our office, and nationally there will be webinars, CDs, or materials to purchase, etc.

    • Staff shortages are making it difficult to find experienced nurses
    • How to successfully bring in untrained, inexperienced nurses
    • How to train nurses from within and keep them loyal
    • Use On Call Clinicians’ proprietary training system to develop essential nursing skills that your site needs!

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Staffing and Employee Management

      • Nurse, RN, LPN & Staff Recruiting/Retention
      • Successful onboarding for new Nurses, RNs, LPNs & Staff
      • On Call Clinicians’ proprietary training system to develop and retain valued staff

Healthcare Training CEUs

Resident Aid Training

      • Nurse, RN, LPN & Staff improvement and retention ​
      • Great customer service leads to referrals

CPR Training

Red Cross First Aid, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillator) training and certification classes on site will make your community the leader in resident and family resources.

Occupancy Improvement Training

      • ​Meet and maintain your occupancy goals​
      • ​R​educe your costs while improving your revenue
      • ​Effective strategies in today’s market​
      • ​H​ow to differentiate yourself from the competition

Advance Care Planning

DNR, DNI, POLST, Living Will

Staff Retention Training

Human resources are your largest expense. What are your costs of turnover? Time taken to recruit, interview, hire, train and cover the lost work while a position is vacant, your costs are 50­-80% of departing employees’ wages! How do you best protect this investment?Assisted Living Education CEUs

      • Solutions for staff shortages
      • Strategies for engaged, happy and productive staff.

Nursing Training, RN Training, LPN Training

      • Mental Health Issues and Solutions in Older Adults
      • Communicating with Difficult Family Members
      • How to Manage Disruptive Behaviors
      • Stress in the Workplace

Community Engagement Topics

      • Turning Complaints into Compliments — ­­Families & Residents Working with Staff
      • Aging in Place
      • Fall Reduction
      • Ways to Improve your Memory
      • Handling the Next Phase of Life with Grace and Caring
      • Dealing with Changes and Decline
      • How to Handle Loss and Anger

Need survey tools, hire document management, recruitment plans?

      • On Call can provide the tools or help with the entire process!
      • Training is available if your community would like to manage these essential functions independently


      • Recruitment/Retention Surveys & Plans
      • Training: Clinical, Marketing, Customer Service
      • Management: Reviews, Discipline, Legal Termination
      • Hire processing for all staff — ­­Recruitment, Screening, Background, Drug,References, Baseline fit for duty, Transfer and Lifting, Documentation for hires
      • Payrolling­­ — employees are hired by On Call, payrolled and covered by On Call’s work comp, unemployment, professional liability

Healthcare Education CEUsOccupancy

      • Resident Marketing/Retention
      • Resident Satisfaction Surveys
      • Competition
      • Tour Script
      • Onboarding for Residents
      • Website Review and Updates
      • Online Communication with Residents/Families
      • Marketing Materials
      • Marketing Plan

Clinical Consultation

      • Wound Care
      • Infection Control
      • Heart Failure
      • Advance Care Planning
      • Antibiotic Use with UTIs­­new protocols
      • Hospice Criteria/Palliative Care
      • Behavioral Management
      • Assaultive Behaviors
      • Debriefing After Significant Events
      • Risk Management
      • Caregiver Stress

Leadership Without Easy Answers: Creating Leadership Excellence

Identifies, reviews and reinforces the key competencies that great leaders possess.​Maximize your ability to impact and successfully lead your organization in today’s competitive landscape. Learn practical reminders of what great leadership is all about, how you can transform your organization from being good to being great. Identifies key leadership competencies, the various levels of leadership today, and what is required to reinvent an organization and become great.

Beyond Positive Thinking: A No-­Nonsense Formula for Getting the Results You Want

Achieve the highest degree of success! Get a no­-nonsense methodology that breaks down the negativity in our lives and work and enable you to go beyond positive thinking to produce the results you desire.

Crucial Confrontations/Crucial Conversations: Understanding Conflict Resolution and the Art of Negotiation

Never walk away from another touchy, controversial, or complex issue at work or at home! Learn how to effectively respond to difficult situations and appropriate techniques for facing almost any situation. Transform broken rules and bad behaviors into productive accountability and strengthen relationships while solving problems. This seminar will help you transform your office, business and personal relationships.

Marketing & Operations Consulting

Healthcare ConsultingOur experts can assist your organization with operations, administration, marketing, and improving your bottom line. We bring in expertise where and when you need it, helping to improve your organization while managing staff expenses.


      • Meeting Budget Goals
      • Occupancy Levels
      • Staff Recruitment and Retention
      • HR Compliance
      • Strategic Planning
      • Differentiation from competitors
      • Staff Training
      • Regulatory Issues and Pre-Audit Reviews

Common questions our consulting team addresses:

      • Is your occupancy falling below your budget goals?
      • Do you have a marketing plan to develop occupancy?
      • How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
      • Do you provide ancillary services?
      • Do you create a strategic marketing plan for the next 6 months, 1 year and 2 years?
      • Do you require your residents to have a health care directive on file? Who assists them in filling those out?
      • Do you know how your sales team presents themselves and your facility?
      • Who handles your night and weekend inquiries?
      • Do you do pre-audit surveys?
      • What is the turn-around time for assessments at your facility?
      • Do you have a protocol for handling sudden changes in resident behavior or crisis situations?

Education for Medical Staff CEUEducation for Staff

      • Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services
      • CEUs for all levels of staff
      • MDS Training
      • Meeting Revenue Goals
      • Regulatory Training
      • Retention of occupancy during illness status changes
      • Identification of risk factors for potentially disruptive illness

Free Education for Families

OCC Partners offer education for residents and family members about how medical needs can be conveniently met within the living environment with our Medical Housecalls. This can be a useful marketing opportunity for when your facility tours new potential residents and their family members, as well as for existing residents and their family.