Since 1989, OCC Partners has been developing a solid foundation of trusted and strategic partnerships with leading healthcare organizations in the upper Midwest and throughout the country. Our depth of experience and commitment to excellence allows us to play an integral role in assisting our clients with efficient and cost-effective hiring solutions.

We can help you break the endless cycle of missed deadlines, long hours, and employee burnout resulting from insufficient staffing! We recognize that each person in your facility has an integral role in the success of your organization and the care you provide to your patients. We will partner with you to create successful relationships, benefiting everyone involved.

Custom & Flexible Options…

Short-term or long-term temporary…

From one day to one year, we have the healthcare staff you need! Seasonal, vacations, maternity leave, and project work.


Ensure a perfect fit! Try our employee out before making a long-term hiring decision.

Traveling professionals

A creative solution for your staffing needs whenever or wherever they arise. Have offices in other locations? OCC Partners can help!


Eliminate the hassle and cost of advertising, telephone inquiries and piles of resumes! OCC Partners will provide qualified prescreened applicants to meet the exact requirements of your position.


We offer unique consultative services that help our clients define the challenges in their business systems and create strategic, easy-to-implement solutions.