OCCPartners has two divisions for clinical staff.

On Location

You may choose to work at our clients’ locations in a variety of settings: clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted livings, RNs, LPNs MDs, NPs, PAs PT/PTA OT/COTA SLP
We have a variety of nationwide options: locums, per diem, travel, part time, full time, flexible hours, and more in metro and rural settings: LTC, Hospital, Assisted Living, Out Patient Home Care, and Schools.

Mobile Clinic

Community based healthcare for those that live in congregate housing is the wave of the future of healthcare. OCC mobile clinics provide the following services. You will develop a caseload in a few of the settings we serve and make your rounds to cover your patients. Great service and happy patients will help you develop your caseload. Primary Care MDs, NPS, PAs Podiatry Mental Health LPs and MSWs Dental DDSs, DHs, Das Drivers/Transporters Optometrists, Opticians Hearing Dispensers/Audiologists Rehab: PT, PTA, OT, COTA, SLP