Mobile Practice Providing Primary Care & Behavioral Health

Bringing healthcare to residents of community housing, the advantages of in house healthcare are many! Healthier residents, quicker response and management of issues, urgent care, happy families and great staff communication.

This can help you keep your occupancy levels high offering this service to potential residents, and keep residents in your community longer. Call OCC Partners to learn how to start up and be in on the wave of the exciting future of healthcare!

Concierge Services for Assisted Living Facilities

Provider Support/Solutions

In House Health Care Services
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Behavioral Health / Psychology
  • Optometry
  • Podiatry
  • Audiology
  • Massage therapy

Staffing Support/Solutions

All services listed can be performed for all professions within your system.
  • Outsource Selected Business Processes and Management
  • Utilize OCC Partners for recruiting for direct hired staff, projects and per diem needs

Outsource or Staffing Support

  • Rehabilitation Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology
  • Nursing—DON, Medication Management/assistant, CNA, resident assistants
  • Regulatory Consulting and Education
  • Food Service—Dietician, Nutrition Consultants, Kitchen management, Chefs
  • Recreational Services—Activities, Exercise classes, Individual Exercise programs, internet classes, yoga
  • Social Workers
  • Housing Managers, Occupancy Development/Marketing
  • Facility Management, Maintenance, Laundry
  • Drivers
  • Scheduling

Business Support/Solutions

HR Administration & Management
  • Payroll Processing / Tax Management and Compliance
  • Benefits Administration
  • Workers’ Compensation, Safety and Risk Management
  • Payroll and Compensation Administration
  • Employment compliance, Training
  • HRIS Human Resources Information System

Business Office Management

  • Accounting: CFO, Financial Management, Accountant
  • AP, AR, P & L, Balance Sheet, Data Entry
  • Vendor, supply and Inventory Management—Volume Buyer Discounts
  • Billing

IT Support

  • Computer Installation and Support
  • Monitoring for resident rooms
  • Security for residents and facility
  • Electronic Games

Consulting / Project Staffing

  • Set Up Nursing Services
  • Set up your electronic recreation center
  • Set up your resident monitoring center

Other project staffing as needed

Continuing Education
  • For Staff, earned CEUs
  • For Families: Provide community education as a marketing opportunity—Bring in our trainers
  • Medical, Psychological, Legal and Financial Perspectives of Aging: A Guide for
  • Families

For more information or to schedule Concierge Services please contact OCC Partners at 763-544-1000