OCC Partners Newsletter – October 15, 2015

In this issue we’ve outlined some of the benefits our mobile clinic provides to Senior Communities. Mobile clinics are a great way to expand services to senior residents improving their quality of life and staff satisfaction and retention. Stay up to date with the latest industry information and resources, we have many training classes coming up to help you and your staff maintain their professional knowledge and growth. OCC Partners is dedicated to helping fellow health care professionals, give us a call if you would like to learn more about any of these programs or classes: 763-544-1000.

Mobile Clinic in Senior Communities

People are talking about us! Here’s what they are saying:

Active-Seniors“We love our Rounding Doctor. Any staff we have encountered have been nothing but accommodating and helpful.”

“OCC adds a profound element of care to a population that would otherwise go unserved. The mental health providers and the office support team we work with are phenomenal. They take care of my residents and assist my nursing team improve their quality of care. I enjoy working with them so much and I plan to utilize all the services offered by OCC to improve the workplace, staff and the community that we serve.”

Do you benefit your residents by providing care coordination?
On Call Clinicians’ Mobile Clinic can provide an excellent Care Coordination program for you.

On Call Clinicians Primary Care Coordination Model includes:

• Regular on-location visits from physician / nurse practitioner
• Integration with On Call Clinicians other providers as services are needed
• Behavioral Health/Psychology
• Foot care services
• Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy, Wellness Program
• Wound Care
• Palliative Care/Hospice

Benefits to Residents & Community

• Medication management is seamless with better communication between providers
• Staff & Family communication is less time intensive, all necessary information is shared more effectively and efficiently, leading to better patient decisions
and care
• Keeping residents healthy to remain in low-level acuity housing as long as possible
• Improve quality of life of residents, support aging in place to maintain residency
• Reduce hospital & ER visits & more severe health risks (diabetes, hypertension, arthritis & COPD)
• More stable occupancy rate
• Staff satisfaction and retention

Your residents deserve the best healthcare you can give them. By bringing healthcare to them, you show you care!

Consulting, Staff Education & Training – CEUs


State Survey Training, Pre Audit Assessments, Survey Visit Management
Be prepared for tougher and more frequent reviews. As regulations change, diligence and planning are important.

Assisted Living Boot Camp
Training for Nurses. By equipping Nurses with valuable training tools, you can count on quality care delivery. This is a great way to increase their knowledge base.

Advance Care Planning
Do your staff understand when to properly and legally execute DNR / DNI / POLST / Living Will Essential information to support residents and communities?


Retention Training
Staff shortages are significant — keep the staff you have! Increase staff retention and decrease employee turnover: turnover costs 20-100 % for each hire! Protect your investment — well trained staff are happier and stay longer.

Employee and HR
medical-educationDo you provide on-boarding training, employee reviews, exit interviews? How do you handle disciplinary issues? When is it legal to drug screen after hire? What do you do if an employee accuses your organization or another employee of an issue? How do you manage your ongoing employee file needs? Your human resources are your largest expense! Manage well and you will save legal expenses, have better retention, and improve occupancy. Training and management are both available — Let On Call manage it all for you!


Occupancy Marketing Audit & Training
Do you know your costs for each new resident? Do you know if your marketing dollars are wisely deployed? How can you reduce your marketing expenses AND increase your occupancy? On Call’s training and tools are very effective!

Resident Aid Training
Your best assets to maintaining happy residents, increase occupancy, and decrease turnover is training. Save money by our ongoing program.

Employee and HR Management
Let On Call do it all so you can focus on your residents:
• Recruit
• Drug Screen
• Hire
• Onboard
• Train
• Review
• Discipline
• Exit interview
Questions about employee issues — we can help!

Primary & Behavioral Health Mobile Teams

On Call Clinician’s Mobile Medical Team provides community-based care to senior living sites throughout the metro. If a patient has a change in condition, a care provider can be notified and can assess the situation. Depending on the situation, we can coordinate treatment. Orders can be written, a mobile lab or x-ray can perform the necessary work. Depending upon the situation, many patients can receive treatment without leaving the comfort of their own apartment. The communities do not have to worry about coordinating transportation to and from clinics or calling family members to help. Our providers’ special skills are also helpful for wound care, cardiac, hospice & palliative care. This decreases frequent visits to outside clinics, and has proven to be maintain resident occupancy for longer periods and avoids any unnecessary hospital stays.

Our Mobile Clinic Offers:
· Primary Care
· Behavioral Health
· Foot Care
· Dental